Dr Prabdh Karnik attended the Leiden Cochlear Implant course in Sept 2015.Dr Prabodh Karnik delivered the prestigious Dr T O Shah Oration at the KEMHospital,Mumbai on April 19th 2017.

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An o is the difference

Like all small boys and puppies,  I too, detested haircuts. A monthly visit to the ‘saloon’- that’s what barber shops are called in Mumbai- was a crying match between my parents and me. As I grew older I Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect surgery=good result =happy patient?

Human beings react differently! Repeatedly this has been brought home to me as an ENT surgeon. A successful result regarding hearing or an improvement in voice or even abolition of a long standing complaint does not mean that the patient and the family will be happy.

I operated upon a 76 year old man for thyroplasty. This sprightly old gentleman had lost his voice 13 years ago due to viral vocal cord Read the rest of this entry »

I hate pigeons

Piazza San Marco in Venice to Kabutarkhana near the Gol temple of Dadar West-they may look good in picture postcards but I detest the pigeons.

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Facilities & Services

ENT Clinic
Surgery for Hearing Loss, Nose, Sinus Disorders and Voice Disorders

EYE Clinic
Surgery for cataract, Glaucoma, Lacrimal disorders, Refraction and refractive solutions

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The Eye Clinic and Hospital
180 Sai Kunj, Dr Ambedkar Rd, opp. Pune Asiad Bus Terminus, Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

The ENT Clinic
604 Muchala Sadan, Junction of Dr Ambedkar 25 years standing and the road leading to Five Gardens, near Parsi Gymkhana, Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

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