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I hate pigeons

Piazza San Marco in Venice to Kabutarkhana near the Gol temple of Dadar West-they may look good in picture postcards but I detest the pigeons.

They are noisy creatures making that awful guttural sound to communicate with each other. They seem to be indecisive, flapping their wings all the time looking for nesting places. Pigeon droppings are filthy and admixed with feathers, stick hard to surfaces and are difficult to clean. Clean windows, glass facades and tuck-aways in a building where the bird can nest are especially at risk.

They are known to carry disease eg. histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis (rare fungal infections) and psittacosis(a bacterial lung infection). Their shit & feathers can cause severe allergies. Several folks living near the Kabutarkhana at Dadar have increased nasal and eye allergies which disappear as soon they leave Mumbai for a holiday.

The pigeons are multiplying at the cost of other native birds; at least the crows & sparrows eat rubbish instead of creating it ! Unfortunately, there are several folks who provide grain and water for pigeons and that too in public places. Though it sounds kind and romantic its certainly not a good idea. I wish the municipalities would fine shopkeepers who litter pavements with grain & create mini kabutarkhanas.

                                                                               Sunita Karnik

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