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An o is the difference

Like all small boys and puppies,  I too, detested haircuts. A monthly visit to the ‘saloon’- that’s what barber shops are called in Mumbai- was a crying match between my parents and me. As I grew older I learnt the basics of negotiation- chocolate or a coke in exchange for sitting quietely. Fortunately, when I was in college and medical school, long hair was cool; so, what haircut! After that it was a once in two month visit to the local saloon and a quick half hour job. Instructions were rudimentary- in summer, cut it short, otherwise medium-cut and don’t cover my eyes and ear. The bonus was after the cut; head massage (my well healed friends insist that it’s a maalish) with cooling mint oil and a little ‘press’ of the arms and back. All this, even today at the neighbourhood saloon costs a princely ₹250, tip included. Just for comparison I began by paying ₹1 for the cut in the early sixties!
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Perfect surgery=good result =happy patient?

Human beings react differently! Repeatedly this has been brought home to me as an ENT surgeon. A successful result regarding hearing or an improvement in voice or even abolition of a long standing complaint does not mean that the patient and the family will be happy.

I operated upon a 76 year old man for thyroplasty. This sprightly old gentleman had lost his voice 13 years ago due to viral vocal cord paralysis. His voice was down to a whisper. He couldn’t laugh heartily and had become a recluse since he couldn’t communicate well. Using a carved Teflon implant-yes, the same substance on your non-stick pan-
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“you can’t be serious- Iran, of all the places”, “the police will arrest you”- these were some of the reactions that  friends had when we let folks know that Sunita and I along with five other inteprid traveller couples were planning a ten day trip to Iran this May. It didn’t help that our travel agent and tour operator was a 25 year old lanky guy who agreed to all the unreasonable requests that my group made- “we shall move out of the hotel if the room is not good “or “we shall order a la crate meals” or “for the group of twelve we need a forty  seater bus etc etc. ” I had nightmares of being stranded at Tehran airport on landing!
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I hate pigeons

Piazza San Marco in Venice to Kabutarkhana near the Gol temple of Dadar West-they may look good in picture postcards but I detest the pigeons.

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Snoring and sleep apnoea

‘He’s such a sound sleeper that he snores !’ Nothing can be further from the truth; snoring and sound sleep is almost oxymoronic.

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Treating hearing loss: a primer

Hearing loss is a silent but debilitating handicap. If it strikes before language acquisition occurs- before the child is two or three tears old- an untreated child with profound loss may never speak. Children with partial hearing loss tend to lag behind their peers in class and may not rise to their scholastic potential.

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‘Can I use oil for my ear, doc’

In the clinic, I am often asked ‘ can I use oil for my ear?’ And which ‘oil is better- garlic, mustard (ugh!) or olive’. Many other home-grandma-remedies are also enquired about.

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Remember me

I pride myself with a more than decent memory for names and faces. But even after thirty years in medical practice, giving relief to patients with ear nose throat disorders, I still get uneasy when the ‘familiar’ patient , whom I do not recognise, pops the ‘remember me?’ question. Two stand out stories …

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Facilities & Services

ENT Clinic
Surgery for Hearing Loss,
Nose, Sinus Disorders and Voice Disorders

EYE Clinic
Surgery for cataract, Glaucoma, Lacrimal disorders, Refraction and refractive solutions

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The Eye Clinic and Hospital
180 Sai Kunj,
Dr Ambedkar Rd,
opp. Pune Asiad Bus Terminus,
Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

The ENT Clinic
604 Muchala Sadan,
Junction of Dr Ambedkar and the road leading to Five Gardens,
near Parsi Gymkhana,
Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

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