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1.Patients will be seen by appointments only; call Margaret 7021734770 (10am to 6pm). Video consults continue to be available. Download app –

2.Please report if you had fever, bodyache, breathlessness or have been in contact with a Covid 19 patient. It may be safer to seek treatment in a specialized Covid clinic.

3.Before coming to clinic please rinse your mouth and throat with an antiseptic mouthwash containing povidone iodine ( betadine) OR chlorhexidine. It will be protective to you as well as all others in clinic.

4.To ensure physical distancing, only one companion with the patient is permissible.

5.While at the clinic, please wear your mask at all times

6.If reports/prescriptions/documents are to be seen, please email them in advance to X rays and CT/MRI scans are best seen physically.

7.If a lengthy discussion is to be done regarding treatment, please call Dr Karnik 9821042057 between 7-8pm, preferably on the same day as the visit.

8.Your prescription will be available as a link sent as an sms to your cellphone. If you prefer a printed prescription we shall be happy to provide. You may get a call from PHARMEASY to home deliver your prescription – without obligation.

9.We do not subscribe to healthcare and other portals eg. PRACTO, LYBRATE, JUST DIAL, etc. Please do not take appointments via any portals. Fees and all other details mentioned on those portals may not be accurate;
please enquire on phone.

10.Electronic payment methods are preferred. Most credit and debit cards are accepted. IMPS, UPI and PAYTM transfer Is possible. Enquire for details

Facilities & Services

ENT Clinic
Surgery for Hearing Loss,
Nose, Sinus Disorders and Voice Disorders

EYE Clinic
Surgery for cataract, Glaucoma, Lacrimal disorders, Refraction and refractive solutions

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The Eye Clinic and Hospital
180 Sai Kunj,
Dr Ambedkar Rd,
opp. Pune Asiad Bus Terminus,
Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

The ENT Clinic
604 Muchala Sadan,
Junction of Dr Ambedkar and the road leading to Five Gardens,
near Parsi Gymkhana,
Dadar Mumbai 400014 INDIA.

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