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Patient Stories

Wish to share something with you. A family friend recommended your name about 30 years back for my chronic migraines because it seems your Dad was a renowned Dr.

I had to trust the DNA and approached you for my migraines, which you cured very soon.
Wish to inform you that I consider you as a family Dr now.
You later on over the years cured me of allergic cough, and sinus issues and once even diagnosed that I was suffering from Pneumonia which I was not aware of.
A couple of friends that I got to you, you sorted out their medical issues too.
Whenever I come to you, you prescribe medicines, and when I say ” when to come again”, you say no need. You are so sure of yourself. That”s the best about you. It gives the patient so much confidence.
You cured my hubby of his bad vertigo and earache problem.
End of April 23, you asked hubby to record my breathing when I am sleeping. Hearing that you suggested that I go in for a Sleep test as you suspected Sleep Apnea.
Your correct diagnosis after using the CPAP has cured me of severe headaches, body aches, lethargy, and other chronic ailments.
Thanks for your excellent diagnosis.
God Bless you. And a million thanks. Please don’t ever change.

Dr. Karnik,
Karnik Nursing Home
Dadar East – Mumbai

Dear Dr. Karnik,
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for taking timely actions & corrective measures for my mother’s eye sight. We had given up hopes as we tried several doctors for my mother everyone had their opinion but never assured us for the corrective measures. We had almost given up but somehow we came to know about you, the day we visited “Karnik nursing home” we got the assurance that we are at the right place. Though after examination of my mother’s left eye, you had informed us that the eye is almost damage but surgery is important and even though after surgery she won’t be able to see.
We made ourselves ready to go ahead with the operation, and post-operation we could not believe the wonders in your hand made it possible for my mother to see the world. On the successfulness of the left eye operation, we have now operated her right eye as well. Believe me we are so grateful to you and your staff for taking appropriate care. I would really like to appreciate the caring nature of your staff who has given timely medication to my mother.

I, once again, would like to express my gratefulness towards your kindness and generosity & assure you I will recommend you the needful person.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Sunita Karnik
I would like to thank you for the perfect diagnosis done , expert advice offered and skilled surgery performed by you during the treatment of my cataract operations of both the eyes recently.
I can now get absolutely clear view of short distance as well as long distance and thus able to enjoy my life with comfort and pleasure without any glasses indeed .
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the precise diagnosis done by you few years back for my late father Shri S.G.Joshi aged 80 + , who had suddenly faced blurred vision due to extremely low level of sodium in his blood . He was a heart patient and having blood pressure complications too. Even after his bypass surgery his health condition was not settled and used to faint frequently. One day his vision was totally blurred and hence was brought to you for advice . No other physician or surgeon was alert enough to identify the root cause of his frequent faints .But you could promptly attribute the issue to sodium deficiency which was corrected by him immediately on your advice. He lived comfortably thereafter for couple of years . We are indeed grateful to you for your perfect diagnosis , which gave him extended life.
Wish you long life and sound health so that you can continue your practice with the same expertise and skill to cure all your patients in future as well.

Mrs U B. Dadar, Mumbai.

A Patient

I am Chaya Dewan,
a US resident that was fortunate to have Dr. Prabodh Karnik as my surgeon.
I was considered and treated for asthma for 30 years, since I was a child. As long as I can remember, I suffered with breathlessness and wheezing off and on. But one thing I clearly remember that I was never able to blow into a peak flow meter, which was frustrating for the treating physician but was never investigated. Finally around 2002-2003 I off and on began to lose my voice which was diagnosed as laryngitis. My breathing got worse and I had very few days if any at all without labored breathing and wheezing, especially in the night. I kept going back to my physician in the US complaining the medicine was no longer helping me. It got to a point where I don’t recall having complete night’s sleep as I would get up a number of times unable to breath easily.
By december 2003, I was on very strong inhalers and took multiple dosage a day. I traveled to India in January 2004 and my condition got worse. I visited local doctors in New Delhi and was started using nebulizer every alternate day. This didn’t help and my breathing got even worse. In march 2004 I traveled to Mumbai I met with an ENT specialist who diagnosed me with vocal cord paralysis. I was told it was a slow process, however since I was not diagnosed early enough now the vocal cords have closed my airways. I was recommended a trake in my trachea so I could breath and eat thru’ the tubes. I was told that my condition was so critical now that if the surgery was not performed in next 48 hours my life was in danger. My body was not getting enough oxygen.
However, I refused the traditional treatment and met with Dr. Karnik. My cousin who is a doctor, knew of my diagnosis and unwillingness to go for traditional surgery. He researched and connected me with Dr. Karnik. Knowing it was an emergency situation, Dr. Karnik especially opened his clinic on a Sunday to meet with me. Dr. Karnik’s diagnoses was the same and I explained to him I didn’t want the traditional surgery. Dr. Karnik offered me an option to perform a laser surgery which was considered experimental but would allow me to breath, eat without the help of the tubes that was part of the traditional treatment. He took time to discuss the pros and cons and also made it clear that once I am in the operating room and the laser procedure doesn’t work out he’ll have to go with the traditional method to save my life. I truly appreciate that honest conversation to date and believe that’s how a any doctor and patient should discuss the procedures. Going back to my story, Dr. Karnik performed the procedure on March 4, 2004 and his magic fingers performed the magic. The laser procedure was successful and I was able to breath and eat like a normal person. I had to work on getting my voice back thru’ regular, therapeutic yoga which took about a year. After my surgery I came back to the US and met with a very well established ENT surgeon. I was told I had a very rarely performed surgery which was still considered experimental even in the US.
I am very thankful that Dr. Karnik had the expertise, vision and the determination to perform the surgery. I just celebrated 10th anniversary and I continue to be grateful.

Chaya Dewan

C. M. Prabhune

Dedication, Devotion, Love & Passion for the profession is the name of Dr. Sunita Karnik
I know you for the last15 years or more & you haven’t changed a bit.You are as active & considerate with your patients as 15 years back.
you are one of the most leading & successful eye surgeon . I have high number & always suffer from eye infection but I feel safe & confident to take your treatment .
I still remember when I had undergone cataract operation last may .At first I was very nervous to get cataract in my left eye but you with your positive attitude showed me the brighter side of it by saying that I will not need to wear specks.
I was amazed to see how skillfully you operated my left eye & patiently cleared all my doubts , showed me how far should I bend & all other things
you remember your patient so well. Your staff is also as efficient & good as you are.
I always recommend your name to all my near & dear ones & they come to your clinic for check up so in a real sense you have become our family doctor.
I can write volumes about you but I conclude by saying Thank You very much.
I wish you a very healthy & successful life. With great regards.

Neeta Gupte

About 7 years ago, I had a major accident on a bike during which the helmet struck my neck, during that movement I could only whisper and blood was oozing out of my mouth. I was quickly taken to a hospital in Satara where tracheostomy (another passage created on the neck for breathing) was carried out and after weeks time was transferred to Jaslok Hospital where my cases was taken up by Dr.Karnik.​​ ​
Check up showed that I had a swollen neck (air had accumulated), constricted wind pipe and one of the vocal cord was damaged. I was shattered since I could not speak and was hospitalized for about 3 months during which I was operated twice.
Today while still not perfect, words can’t describe how thankful I am to have a voice(Doc had only given hope but I am sure it could have much worse than what it is today).
I am deeply thankful to Dr.Karnik for gifting me voice. He is wise and calm demeanour that comes with years of practicing medicine.
To other patients reading this, he is the BEST, do not consider going anywhere else. Dr. Karnik knows his job. I feel nothing but gratitude towards him and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who seek his services for any ENT related problems.
Keep up the good work.


Hi Dr karnik,
About three or four years ago I developed what I thought was a common cold and blocked nose which turned in to a 4 year long fight to breathe with acute sinusitis. I went through all possible forms of medication and breathing exercises only to get temporary relief. Eventually I was compelled to undergo surgery to relieve myself of my blocked nose. The surgery in itself did not require much prep time. I was admitted the night before the surgery and was home the day after the surgery.
To my surprise I did not experience much pain post-surgery. Some amount of discomfort maybe but not pain. Within about 3 days of my surgery, I was started to breathe through my nose again. The first change I observed was that I was now able to sleep without the discomfort of dryness in my mouth as a result of mouth breathing. My sense of smell has improved drastically. I no longer suffer from frequent head aches and general heaviness in the head. I feel less fatigued as with my blocked nose, I was unknowingly putting in more effort to breathe as compared to breathing through my nose. I feel less tired when I exercise. The surgery has brought about small yet very significant improvements to my life. The ability to breathe again and have a completely clear nasal passage in a way is liberating after 4 years of struggling to inhale and exhale through my nose.
The thought of undergoing surgery scared me to the point of considering living with a blocked nose, but with the kind of improvement it has lead to, I am glad that I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

People talk about Dr karnik,

Dear Doctor, Many Many thanks for your great treatment.I cured within one month.Last ten years I am suffering due to sinus But God send you and I am feeling very well.Always thankful to you.

From, Mr. N.J.Girkar,I.T.I,Dadar,Mumbai-28.

My dear Dr. Sunita Karnik,
I am and will always be the Optimist. The hoper of far flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams. Hence the brave decision of travelling from Vashi to Dadar for my cataract surgeries under the competent Dr Sunita Karnik. Thanks to my daughter Philomena Lobo’s support on this. DrSunita instructed her staff to never make me make unnecessary trips.
Life is colorful for me again at 61! Post cataract surgery. It is amazingly exciting to be able to see clearly again. I am immensely grateful to Dr Sunita Karnik and her team for the surgery on both my eyes and helping me get back a perfect vision! I was actually sceptical and a little afraid of surgery but I am grateful to Dr Sunita Karnik for putting me at ease.
The best part was I felt nothing. No anxiety, no pain nothing at all. Those scary thoughts were erased. She has the gentlest hands ever. It was actually like being in the eye of a hurricane. You’d wake up in a concert and think, “Wow, how did I get here?” I was actually late for my second surgery and felt almost nervous — but Dr Karnik was so composed and performed the operation with the same amount of zeal as the first one. Full credit to Dr Karnik and her team for making my eye surgery a pleasant experience and a complete success!
A fine combination of latest techniques with personal care. Really appreciated the follow ups. Thank you doctor. I highly recommend Dr Karnik to all those who want a perfect eyesight. Dr Sunita’s personal touch in every small thing sets her apart. She truly is an ” Eye Fairy ”
In the words of Earl Roggeman: “There’s always something to look at if you open your eyes”
I surely will be doing alot of that these days! Wish you all the best in the future. Bells are ringing and everyone is singing. Its Christmas — Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

Mrs Irene Lobo

“I was suffering from asthma for last 2 years. It was starting with running nose with thick yellowish discharge converting in to cough and at night my nose was to get choked suffering from disturbed sleepless night. As per advice I avoided all citrus fruits even mangoes. Very often with season changes I suffered with same symptoms. I had consulted few physicians, chest specialists who had advised me mouth inhalers and nasal spray and on and off antibiotics capsules. But I couldn’t get any relief from choked nose for 2 years. Ultimately I consulted E.N.T. specialist Dr. Prabodh Karnik. Who diagnosed me for nasal polyps, Citiscan confirmed and went for nasal sinus polyps endoscopic surgery. After the surgery I could smell well and relived from nose choking. At the age of 72 quality of my life has changed. I feel absolutely healthy and energetic enjoy sound sleep. I am very much grateful to you Dr. Karnik.”

S. N. Shinde

“I’ve been silent for nearly 3 weeks. A lot has happened. Mainly, my dad went into surgery for what we suspected was throat cancer, but fortunately it turned out to be benign. He is well now.”

“We are all immensely relieved and deeply thankful to Dr. Prabodh Karnik, our ENT surgeon. It was interesting to meet with Dr. Karnik – he was clear about the problem, the potential issues, and what he was going to do. I know some people prefer reassuring white lies, but I prefer knowing everything. That way I can be prepared and not feel like something cluelessly tossed on the waves.”

“Mumbai was a new city for me so i was skeptical about getting my surgery done here. I was worried about my ailment and was anxiously looking for a good doctor.

But when i met Dr.Karnik i was not only sure that im in right hands but also regained my confidence by his comforting words. I thank Dr. Karnik and his entire team for their dedication and sincerity.

“I had meniere’s disease for nearly 30 years, it was one of the worst nightmares. The trouble started in December 1979. For 1st 5 years there was only slight pressure on my year. Then the intensity started increasing. At that time I didn’t consult any E.N. T. Doctor. I think due to this only my problem got worse

In 1991 I got the 1st attack. It started with vertigo. I felt as if everything around me was going round and round. I lost my balance. I started vomiting continuously. I consulted E.N.T. specialist, but gradually medicine became ineffective. Next I consulted Homeopathic Doctor and continued it for 5 years, but it was of no use. I even tried Ayurvadic medicine. That was also not effective.

This went on till 2008. Then in the month of March day and night I started having pressure on my ear continuously and then once a week an attack. I consulted many specialists, but my condition remained the same. In the month July I heard about Dr. Prabodh Karnik. I immediately consulted him. He prescribed medicine. When they were found to ineffective, he gave injections in the ear. First two injections were not effective. After 3rd injection also my troubles were not over. Doctor advised me to have my ear operated. I decided to wait for a few days. To my surprise and delight suddenly one day my ears became clear. There was no pressure on it. Next day I had a severe attack. After attack stopped my troubles were over. Till today I am alright. Due to Dr. Karnik’s efforts I am free of worst nightmare. I am very much grateful to Dr. Prabodh Karnik.”

Mrs. SMT

“I am SD. I am B.E. Computer Science. I am a lecturer at Ecube Global College. Since last few years, I had difficulty hearing especially when people spoke softly, which happened quiet often. At home my husband thought that I need to see a doctor since sometimes I am not able to hear properly. Even I realized that something was wrong. So I got the audiometry test done. It confirmed almost 50% hearing loss in my both ears. I had otosclerosis.

I was shattered and felt like a lost warrior, I had never expected that one of my sense organs would be deteriorated progressively at the age of 30. I felt helpless. The cure I was told would only be stapedectomy, which involved replacing my middle ear bone by a prosthetic one.

The day I met Dr. Karnik, I actually stammered in front of. He showed genuine concern and patiently listened to all my difficulties. To say that Dr. Prabodh Karnik is a surgeon with a magical touch will be an understatement. He is excellent in his job. His gentle assertiveness was great emotional support to me to such an extent that I was completely at peace even on the operation table. At one point even I felt it strange, there was no nervous or anxious moment. His hospital support staff is also very helpful, attentive and friendly. I regained my hearing immediately after the surgery. Unbelievable, I thought!!

Today my hearing is completely normal and I am very happy about it. All Thanks To Dr. Karnik. Dr. Karnik you are here to magically touch many lives.”

Mrs. SD
Lecturer at Ecube Global College

“I am Mrs. Jyoti D Sharma (Computer Eng). One fine morning, I developed a throat infection and was unable to eat or even drink water. I even observed a swelling on the right side of the throat & assumed it to be due to throat infection. After taking medicines for throat infection from our family doctor, I noticed that the swelling didn’t cease to exist & was really worried. Our family friend Dr. Manjiri Patankar then referred me to Dr. Prabhod Karnik for further consultation. I remember, it was 1st June, 2011 when I visited Dr. Karnik’s clinic. I was filled with all sorts of queries & worries .After giving me a patient listening and thorough checking, Dr. Karnik advised to get all the related tests done immediately. Within a week I was back to Dr. Karnik with all tests done. After going through all the reports, Dr Karnik mentioned that there was a cyst in the right nodule of thyroid & had to be operated wherein the right thyroid nodule & the isthmus need to be removed. He also mentioned that during operation, biopsy will be conducted which will confirm whether the cyst is malign or benign. In case the cyst is malign, even the left thyroid will have to be removed, although Dr. Karnik was sure that it looks benign.

I was shocked, disappointed and sad because I never anticipated that what I thought to be a small throat infection would lead me to an operation wherein my thyroid would be removed! However, I appreciate Dr. Karnik who explained me the entire thing in detail & also why operation was the only solution. I distinctly remember his assuring words “ Don’t worry , although it’s a risky & sensitive operation, my success rate till date is 100%”. These words were enough for me to resolve all my concerns.

The day finally arrived-14th June 2011. I was operated & thankfully the cyst was benign as Dr. Karnik rightly thought of. It was a successful operation & I came back home in less than 48 hours! The operation left a big, dark scar on my throat .Dr. Karnik also suggested an ointment & today the scar is as good as gone & I am back to my pre-operation days, as if nothing happened.

I am deeply thankful to Dr. Karnik for gifting me a healthy life .What i admire most about Dr. Karnik is the way he handles everything with his “vibrant smile”. He is such a calm and composed personality. Half the problems disappears in seconds, just by talking to him. I can only thank him for giving me a new lease of life.

Lastly I express my deepest gratitude towards Dr. Karnik by saying “People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness they still remain in his debt”.

Mrs. Jyoti D Sharma

“In 1995, I had a major car accident and had undergone series of operations. Due to this car accident, I was facing severe problems with my eyes that was continuous oozing water. This was due to the blockage of the capillaries that drain the water from the nose.

I met you in 1996 regarding above stated problem and you gave me confidence that this problem will be resolved. You suggested a surgery to create independent passage for the water to pass through my nose. It has been more than 15 years from the time of this surgery and I have never faced the same problem again.

I would like to thank you for resolving this problem that used to make my day to day life very difficult. You have not only been a great friend but also a great doctor to me.”

Thank you again..

Anil Kelkar

“Dear Dr Karnik

Apologies for the late reply. One reason why I took time was to let myself understand clearly about the balloon sinuplasty experience .

Essentially, the outcome of the surgery is as follows:

i. My daily evening headache spreading from the temple to behind the ear has vanished within a few days of the surgery.

ii. While I do catch a cold occasionally, the frequency of this infection has considerably reduced.

More importantly, the cold lasts a very short time compared to previously.

iii. When I have a cold, the mucus passes out freely without any strain.

So I recommend this ‘balloon sinusplasty’ experience to anyone who suffers similar symptoms to what I did.”

NBD, Singapore

“Dear Dr. Karnik,
a few words but they speak a volume….’Thank you very much’ for making me
face the world with confidence.
Mrs. Panjani.,
24 August 2012/Navi Mumbai


It was sometime in March 2012 when I noticed a small lump on the right side of my neck just below the ear. On further investigation, it was confirmed as ‘Right Parotid Gland Tumor’ and was advised surgery. I was also made aware of the after effects of surgery as damage to facial nerves which could result as partial paralysis of the face and this was simply not acceptable to me. My head throbbed with a million thoughts of fear, anxiety and discomfort . In this state of cold fear and confusion I turned to my family doctor, Dr.Vivek Patil for help and he suggested that I go and meet Dr.Prabodh Karnik, a renowned ENT surgeon.

In April 2012, I visited Dr. Karnik for a second opinion. The after effects of surgery was duly informed to me even by Dr. Karnik , but with an assurance that this was a possibility but would never happen. His smiling face, encouraging words and assurance lifted my low spirits and I took the decision that Dr. Karnik was the right Surgeon for my treatment and the confidence he gave me was enough for me to walk into the operation theatre with a smiling face.

I was operated on 1st August 2012 and by evening I felt strong enough to talk and take a few steps. I got discharged from the hospital on the 3rd day and in a week’s time I felt almost normal doing my regular chores of the day. My face is almost normal and I am sure in a couple of months nobody would notice that I underwent any surgery.

I put on record my deep appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Prabodh Karnik and his team for doing such an amazing and wonderful job and ensuring that no side effects after surgery has taken place.

Dr. Karnik will now be my FIRST AND ONLY CHOICE for any ENT related problems.”

Mrs. Perminder Panjani

“Dear Dr Sunita,

My eyes are under your highly professional skill and care for over 20 years. I have observed that you treat everyone with smile, simplicity politeness and love. So also you train your deputies the same way.

To enrich and grow the qualities you possess, I take your permission to send herewith few words of SAINT’S, which have proved blessings in my life and wish same to you.

I wish and pray almighty to fill your life with peace, bliss and prosperity and the happy holidays.”

You’re Friend Forever
Manharlal Sheth

My mom Anuradha Damle just finished with a surgery for one of her cataract eye and it is incredible for her to view the world free of constraints of her old “thick” eyewear. We had hoped for this miracle and your excellent surgical skills made it possible. Thank you for the compassionate and professional pre-operative and post-operative attention she received while in your care. You addressed all of our concerns and eliminated all of our apprehensions. I am also indebted to your top-flight medical staff that played a tremendous role in the preliminary consultations, optical measurements,and follow-up healthcare. Their sensitive “bedside” manner and positive demeanor are a compliment to your medical practice.

It would be an honor for us to share our confidence in you with any referral that desire cataract surgery. Again, thank you for one of the best gift & waiting for 2nd to operated fast.

Sonali Damle

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